The Growth 2000 performance index benchmarks the retailcraft of the largest 2000 retailers in the UK outside of IR’s existing Top500 index.

We were judged on several criteria:

  • Could GardenSite products be easily found through Search and is the website 'Mobile friendly' with easy navigation?
  • Do we offer Delivery options that are flexible, convenient and quick, and is there meaningful Social engagement?

Satisfying all these benchmarks has placed us on a par with some of the UK's most established and recognisable retail companies and alongside many of the brightest up and coming retailers.

So how did we do it? Hard work is one answer but, as the e-commerce industry has become increasingly competitive, we've continued to grow by placing the customer at the centre of all our activity.

Naturally, we always offer a huge range of products at the keenest prices but, to stand out from the crowd, creating an easy to use, customer orientated, mobile experience has been pivotal to our growth.

We try and make it as simple as possible for customers to find the right product, and emphasize personal contact through our knowledgeable customer care team, online question and answer service, and product reviews.

Social media is also increasingly important and we have established a loyal following through our presence on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other channels.

GardenSite has been around for nearly two decades and, by continuing to place the customer experience at the core of our business, we are determined to stay at the forefront of the e-commerce retailing revolution.