Last year GardenSite sponsored Andy Tudbury's garden at Gardeners' World Live and this year we donated a delightful arbour to act as the focal point of his 'Legacy' garden.

The garden commemorates the legacy of perhaps the most well known Gardeners' World presenter – Geoff Hamilton, who died twenty years ago.

He was well known for using recycled materials, that's why Andy, who runs Halcyon Days Garden Design, has chosen to use old scaffolding planks as the broadwalk that goes over a shallow gravel pool leading to the arbour.

Haven Corner Arbour

A mass of cottage style plants surrounds the Haven Corner Arbour which is constructed from top quality pressure treated softwood, seats four people and can be stained or painted to complement the landscape.

Many of the plants have come from Barnsdale, Geoff's former garden, and there is a strong wild meadow influence reflecting his organic gardening philosophy.

Preparing the garden took nearly a fortnight and wasn't easy due to heavy rain, but the effort proved worthwhile as Andy was awarded a bronze prize by the judges.

After the event, the arbour will be transported to the East Midlands Flower show taking place at Newstead Abbey, and then it will be donated to a charitable cause.