After four years each at university, and an additional two years of further study for my eldest, Francesca, both of them are keen to establish their independence and start their careers. 

Rio Olympics 2016 plane

Gabrielle has a job with Britain’s favourite airline and started work at Heathrow Airport on Thursday. Of all the aeroplanes in all of the airports in the world the first one she saw was the Olympic Boeing 747 with its gold nose cone.

I guess it has made a few journeys to Rio already and hopefully it will also be making a successful return to the UK with our Para-Olympians soon too.

Team GB gold medal

My eldest daughter Francesca has just started legal work in London with a leading law firm.

Amongst the intake with Francesca was a young lady who had come back on that same plane with her own Olympic Gold Medal. She was persuaded to bring it to work today and Francesca did not miss the opportunity to model it.

It’s a brush with UK Gold for both of them at the start of their careers. I hope it continues….!