Native to India and Pakistan, these colourful community fish have now been widely distributed outside their usual waters and, although usually living up to four years, they can live longer with the proper care and good varied diet. 

Planted tanks and hiding places

You will usually find these beautiful fish in slow moving water so, if you pick them as new tank mates, be sure that there isn’t too strong a current. The Gourami is happiest when in a well planted tank with lots of small caves and other hiding spots.

Another aspect to consider when choosing these fish is that, although they are labelled as a dwarf fish, they will grow to around 31⁄2 inches. Therefore, if you want to consider a small shoal of these vivid fish, they will require a medium sized tank of 60 litres or more. Remember also, if a darker coloured substrate is used it can intensify the colouration of the fish. 

Oxygen is vital for Gourami fish

A very interesting fact about the Gourami is that they have a labyrinth organ, meaning they must have access to top of the water so they can access oxygen, that’s why you will find them ether in the middle or toward the top of the tanks. To aid them you will need the top of the tank to be well ventilated, either by having an open topped tank or a hood that has gaps to allow a good air flow through the tank. Another method is to use a good air pump to increase oxygenation of the tank. 

The sex of the fish can be determined by looking at the dorsal fin. On males you will find the fin is more pointed and with females the dorsal fin is more rounded. 

Consider tank mates and possible predators

When keeping Gourami it is essential to consider tank mates. They are very docile and do not mix well with aggressive fish who may bully them to death, also keep them away from larger Gourami who will pose a threat. In fact daily checks are essential to check on their wellbeing. 

Overall the Dwarf Gourami, who thrive in the company of Mollys, Platys and Ghost  Catfish, are a tremendous aquarium fish and will keep family and friends entertained for many hours.

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