Acrylic was chosen instead of glass due to its superior strength and clarity. For filtration, ceramic media is used as it's very porous, inert and allows excellent water circulation. Incredibly its surface area, on which bacteria colonise and feed on fish waste, is as large as a football pitch.

Excess waste is dealt with by the biOrb filter which is sensibly at the bottom of the aquarium where the waste collects. It can also be removed and cleaned without decreasing good bacteria.

With a biOrb you will not suffer major algae problems or stagnant water as oxygenation is also much superior to traditional aquariums. This is due to vigorous aeration keeping gases in equilibrium and expelling all the redundant gases.

Baby biOrb

Small but perfectly formed, the 15ltr aquarium (silver or black trim) is great for a child's bedroom. Especially when fitted with a Moonlight that automatically turns off the halogen light when the room becomes dark.


Classic biOrbs have a traditional style and an easily maintained filtration system. The original biOrb 30ltr aquarium has a choice of lighting and heating options for keeping fancy goldfish and small tropical fish. Suitable for larger fish and ideal as a saltwater aquarium, the 60ltr and 105ltr aquariums have plenty of space for aquascaping.

biOrb Life

These aquariums look like no other with stylishly curved lines and a choice of three colours – Red, Black or White. You have the choice of four sizes starting with 15 litres that has a standard LED light unit as opposed to the intelligent LED in larger models. 30 litres is a square shape with space for plants and ornaments; 45 litres is taller and ideal for fish that prefer to be near the top; and 60 litre is again portrait shaped and offers scope for keeping larger species of fish.

biOrb Flow

Viewable from three sides and available in two sizes, either 15 or 30 litres. Both are ideal for keeping small fish. The tanks come in black,  white or silver and include filtration and lighting.

biUbe aquariums

These are cylindrical 35 litrr aquariums with a large floor area meaning that water volume isn't compromised and they can be located in a restricted area. They are perfect for creative aquascaping. New on the market is the biUrb 'naked' with crystal clear acrylic or an evocative blue tint. 

Many coldwater aquariums can be converted to tropical and marine aquariums with a heater and Marine Conversion Kit, so check your options before purchasing.

If you are interested in a stylish, contemporary aquarium visit our biOrb Shop or read about how a biOrb aquarium was delivered and installed during a recent episode of DIY SOS.