Vitavia greenhouses have become first choice for gardeners who want a quality product at an affordable price.

All their greenhouses feature powder coated green or anodised aluminium frames that remain pristine and resistant to corrosion. There are integral gutters and vents on all models together with corner braces for added strength. 

The planets suite

The Vitavia 'Venus', at 6ft 4ins wide and available in five sizes up to 12ft, is a great all rounder, meeting the needs of both hobby and more experienced gardeners. Accessed by a single sliding door that can be positioned on either side, ventilation is through one or two roof vents depending on the model.

Attractive curved eaves allow for greater growing height in the Vitavia 'Orion'. The curved sections are made from UV protected acrylic panels and there are two versions, 6ft square and 8ft x 6ft, both with a smooth action sliding door and roof vent.

Wider at 8ft 5ins and again with elegantly curved eaves, the ‘Saturn’ has easy access double doors and up to four roof vents that provide excellent air circulation. Five sizes vary in length from 6ft to 14ft to satisfy the needs of most keen gardeners.

'Jupiter' is the premium Vitavia greenhouse, 8ft 5ins wide and with four versions up to 14ft, high eaves offer excellent headroom and perhaps all the growing space required by enthusiastic gardeners. Corner plates and braces add strength to this impressive structure.

The ‘Neptune’ has similar specifications but with a single sliding door. A robust and practical greenhouse, the eaves are slightly shallower but still higher than many similarly sized competitors.

King of greenhouses

Largest of the Vitavia greenhouses is the 'Zeus' which is designed for passionate gardeners and semi-professionals. 8ft wide and up to 20ft long it features extra long glass panes and 10mm polycarbonate roof panels that minimise both heat loss and condensation. The eaves are an imposing 6ft 2ins high, offering an extraordinary amount of working space and the lockable stable door offers useful ventilation control. There is an integral base and the frame is strong enough to be installed directly onto a flat surface.

The 'Sirius' Vitavia greenhouse is seriously beautiful, designed in a very different ‘orangery’ style. With many fine features, the eaves are over 5ft tall, there’s double doors, a matching steel base, downpipes and four roof vents included as standard. A new rubber capping system keeps the glazing in place and the finish can be silver, aluminium or black.

Delightfully augmenting the range is the 'Hera' garden room, a circular glazed structure in two sizes with room enough to relax and to grow plants. There are also the 'Ida' lean-to greenhouses, perfect if you have limited space and the larger ‘Helena’ models that can be used as both greenhouse or conservatory.

10th anniversary models

To further expand their offering, and celebrate their tenth anniversary, Vitavia introduced two new greenhouses during 2018.

The Freya is a pent style freestanding greenhouse and is available in two versions, 8ft x 8ft and 8ft x 10ft. Thoroughly contemporary in both concept and construction, they are stylishly presented with high eaves and aluminium profiles powder coated in grey. Both sizes benefit from the generous amount of light streaming through their 6mm polycarbonate roof and 3mm full length toughened glass panes. Double sliding doors provide generous access, and effective ventilation is achieved by hinged side windows and, for the larger model, a louvre window. Also included as standard are downpipes to collect rainwater.

Of interest to all gardeners who value classic style as well as substance, are the two Cassandra dwarf wall greenhouses, both 8ft wide and either 12ft or 14ft in length. Designed to sit on a 50cm single skin wall, they feature a black powder coated aluminium frame, toughened glass with handsome bar capping, and easy low threshold access through sliding double doors. Boasting excellent insulation, and impressive strength due to cantilever bracing. Temperature and humidity are controlled by four roof vents and rainwater is collected by integral guttering.

Customer satisfaction

As well as a superb range of products that all exude tremendous quality, Vitavia are regularly complemented regarding their focus on customer service that doesn't finish abruptly after you have made a purchase. They have a home delivery service that always aims to please, using drivers who are trained to deliver your new greenhouse with great care and, to ensure that you are completely satisfied, they are always ready to help with queries and advice. 

As Vitavia say themselves,

“Above all, the greatest joy of owning a greenhouse is that feeling of stepping into your own private world, leaving the weather and your worries behind you”. Buy one of their superb range of greenhouses and it is liable to become a ‘way of life’.