GardenSite supports Langley School in Preperation for Sutton Coldfield In Bloom


As the town gets ready for this year’s Sutton Coldfield in Bloom, those on the route are busy preparing to impress the judges. This includes Langley Primary School who are being visited on the 10th of July to assess the Town’s entry into this year’s Heart of England ‘In Bloom’ competition.

Author: David Coton

Written by David Coton.
Published on Wednesday, 26th of June, 2019.

Nathan James Dodd Speaks At HTA Marketing Forum


Nathan James Dodd, Gardensite's Marketing Manager, was one of the speakers at the recent Horticultural Trades Association Marketing Forum that took place at Chesford Grange in Warwickshire.

Author: Martyn Loach

Written by Martyn Loach.
Published on Monday, 16th of November, 2015.

How to Interest 30 – 45 year olds in Gardening


How to interest 30-45 year olds in gardening is a question that has been occupying the attention of the Horticultural Trades Association for some time. And it's important since this age group accounts for 29% of the population, so GardenSite has tried to find a solution.

Author: David Coton

Written by David Coton.
Published on Friday, 27th of June, 2014.