How Can I Make Compost?


Composting is an entirely natural way of recycling your garden and kitchen waste, transforming it into a nutrient rich material that your plants will love. Martyn Loach shows how easy and cheap it is to replicate nature and create the ideal conditions in which your flowers and shrubs will thrive.

Author: Martyn Loach

Written by Martyn Loach.
Published on Friday, 4th of May, 2018.

Jamie Oliver Launches His Kitchen Garden Project For UK Primary Schools

Organic Gardening

Jamie Oliver launched his Kitchen Garden Project several years ago to meet the needs of the new compulsory food education curriculum. David Coton finds out how schools can get involved and the campaign's tie-up with the Soil Association.

Author: David Coton

Written by David Coton.
Published on Thursday, 4th of December, 2014.

Grow Herbs For All The Right Reasons


Interest in growing herbs has increased sharply over the last few years as we have turned back to nature to exploit the culinary, medicinal and aromatic properties of these plants. David Hall gives you a few tips on what herbs to choose and how to grow them.

Author: David Hall

Written by David Hall.
Published on Thursday, 27th of August, 2015.