I knew straight away it was a quality product and the facts and fiction began to take shape after meeting Danny who walked me around. 

Firstly, Evika Greenhouses are a UK operation manufacturing in Milton Keynes, which is a great start.

The extruded aluminium used is 1.5mm thick and I’m reliably informed it can be as thin as 0.9mm in some greenhouses, so that definitely ticks the box for quality in manufacture, and the same can be said about quality in design.

The Evika G1 Greenhouse range is where they are starting and this is in the ever-popular 6ft wide market. You would expect a 6 x 8 ft and even a 6 x 4 ft but not the baby 6 x 2 ft. This is effectively a wall garden but with a back. Interesting.

All the G1 range features a well-engineered low-threshold door frame and a lockable and easily sliding door. High eaves give a great sense of space and a 4 blade louvre and automatic window opener are supplied as standard. The gutters are wide and engineered and integrated as part of the greenhouse rather than appearing as an afterthought.

An integral base is also a standard feature and it is a box section construction with cleated corners for added strength. Options available allow the box section base to be anchored to hard surfaces, as you would imagine, but also to compacted soil, which will appeal to many first-time buyers.

Construction is designed to be far simpler than most greenhouses which is always an issue for those of us not quite so nimble-fingered as we once were.

As ever, the milled finish is standard but the Evika option means that you can have any RAL colour you wish, but this may take a little longer than the standard lead time. And this is the first major unique selling point (USP) of the Evika Greenhouses concept as they anticipate that delivery will be 2-3 working days from the day an order is placed. And in the current greenhouse market that is impressive. 

The secret is in the glass, or what I thought was glass until Danny enlightened me. The glazing is actually Styrene Acrylonitrile, or SAN for short. It is a clear rigid glass alternative that certainly fooled me from a distance. It is UV stable and completely safe to handle. It is cheaper than toughened safety glass and polycarbonate and is very easy on the eye. Don’t confuse it with acrylic or plastic glass as it is more rigid, which, of course, is a real bonus. This is a great USP in my opinion.

The SAN glazing is held in place with easy Snap-fit Glazing Strips to give a clean finish which only adds to the styling features on the Evika Greenhouses.

Pale Green and Squirrel Grey are the two standard available off-the-shelf colours and both are attractive choices to fit in with an English garden.

All this style and design means the Evika G1 range is never going to be a budget entry level greenhouse but neither is the price going to be prohibitive.

Evika brand logo

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