There’s an abundance of garden furniture available on the market, whether it be in your local garden centre, at a hardware chain store or from an online retailer. Many of these brands are available to buy at a reasonable price point, but in a world where we’ve become a throwaway society, the cheapest option isn’t always the best if we have to bin it in a year or two and buy a new one.

At GardenSite we don’t like waste, that’s why we’re committed to continually improving our green policy. The majority of our timber garden furniture comes with a 10-15 year guarantee against rot, or a minimum expected lifespan of 10-years. Our metal and rattan garden furniture is crafted to last just as long, if not longer, and our stone garden furniture, especially those made from natural rock can last for a lifetime if cared for, with minimal maintenance required. So you can be assured that any of our garden furniture brands are made to last, letting you get your money's worth.

However - some brands of garden furniture are better than others, from the materials used to the way they're crafted, and so in this garden furniture review, we’re going to be focussing on Barlow Tyrie - known in the industry as one of, if not the best, garden furniture crafters in the world. Being in business for over 100 years, Barlow Tyrie could also be considered the oldest manufacturer of teak garden furniture, and most importantly, one of the world’s best brands within the product niche. They regularly win awards and their brand represents the highest standards of both quality and service. Although being established for so long, their methods and designs are not all traditional, as many of the ranges combine classic aspects with modern mechanics, materials and design - ensuring only the best quality and most eye-catching designs that anyone would be proud to own.

A collage of Barlow Tyrie's history in pictures.
A collage of Barlow Tyrie's history in pictures.

As a brand, Barlow Tyrie offers a wide and complex product range, mainly due to the fact that each chair, table, bench and sunbed is purchasable by itself, rather than in an officially matched set. This can sometimes lead to customers feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of options, combinations and customisations available when trying to pick out a matching set of outdoor furniture for their garden. However, this is where we come in to lend a hand, with our expert knowledge and our own hand-picked arrangements of over 30 Barlow Tyrie dining sets ready to buy on one page so you can start to see the wood for the trees a lot easier.

Out of all 30, below are our top 5 best selling Barlow Tyrie sets reviewed. We hope you put your sunnies on now and like what you see.

Barlow Tyrie Aura 6-seater dining set.

No.1 Aura 6-seater dining set

Our number 1 top selling Barlow Tyrie dining set for the garden and for good reason too! With six chairs it's available to accommodate a couple of extra guests compared to a standard 4-seater set, making it ideal for family visits and entertaining within your outdoor space. Darkly seductive, the metal framing of the Aura range benefits fully from the use of powder coated aluminium, merged with the wonderful qualities of sustainably sourced teak hardwood.

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Barlow Tyrie Titan 4-seater dining set.

No.2 Titan 4-seater dining set

Our second garden furniture set from Barlow Tyrie is the Titan 4-seater. Comprising of super chunky teak hardwood which, as it is superb quality Indonesian teak, has a lovely hue and grain, merged with black powder coated aluminium that adds attractive contrast attractively.

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Barlow Tyrie Aura 8-seater dining set.

No.3 Aura 8-seater dining set

With the 6-seater version taking our no.1 spot, it's no surprise that the 8-seater also features in our top 5 garden furniture review. Merging the same teak hardwood and powder coated aluminium, the 8-seater benefits from a longer table and an additional two armchairs, perfect for those with larger families or who enjoy hosting outdoor parties with friends and guests.

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Barlow Tyrie Aura 6-seater high dining set.

No.4 Aura 6-seater high dining set

Also part of Barlow Tyrie's Aura collection, but this time featuring as a 'high dining' version, this 6-seater table and chairs set offers a bar-like experience due to its taller stature. Offering the best of a bar set, a dining set and a bistro set in one, it gives a contemporary design that oozes style. The table features a lovely teak hardwood top and an aluminium frame with graphite powder coating to add hardwearing qualities to lightweight sturdiness. Whilst the tall armchairs lift you up to the level of the table, crafted in contemporary and matching materials to the table.

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Barlow Tyrie Bermuda 2-seater high dining set.

No.5 Bermuda 2-seater high dining set

The fifth set on our top 5 list, but by no means the least is the Bermuda 2-seater high set set, featuring a tall round bistro table and two matching chairs. Crafted from the finest teak which has incredible colour and great durability, the dining chairs boast slatted seat and back rests that are contoured for comfort, seating you high up above the table for a chic and stylish dining experience.

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Overview of our Barlow Tyrie dining sets on offer

Taking the hassle out and putting the beauty in by shining a spotlight on what many people are looking for but cannot always find is our way of short cutting the pain and heading straight to the gain. And even if your ideal set isn’t included, this page gives you a quick understanding of the values and mood of the different ranges that Barlow Tyrie offers, allowing you to search further on any particular range and focus on what interests you and not get confused by what doesn’t.

One of the many strengths of the Barlow Tyrie range is its depth, built up with over 100 years of trading but the modern consumer often doesn’t have the time, or patience, to digest all that history when making an informed purchase.

What accessories go with our Barlow Tyrie dining sets?

We have also added the bespoke covers, where appropriate, to each page to add or not, and a range of accessories that are most often bought with that set so you are presented with the most obvious options in each case. And you can also add any other options that you feel suit you.

We have chosen the most popular colour options where appropriate but again this can be swapped if it suits. And, of course, there may be footstools, benches, parasols, coffee tables, screens or even a drinks chest that may interest you so before I start to muddy the waters even further you can always phone us on 0121 355 7701 for free friendly advice. 

Browse our Barlow Tyrie garden furniture sets, put what you fancy in the basket and buy online with ease and convenience. Alternatively, hit the ‘Quote Me Now’ button if you are interested in getting a no obligation quote (no card details required) for either insurance purposes, for traders, procurement, purchase orders, shipping abroad or tenders.