You may have been concerned about recent media reports regarding the shortage and rocketing price of garden fence panels. Not good news, especially if you suffered storm damage suring the recent winter bad weather.

Timber stocks held by manufacturers for sheds, fence panels and structures has been used up already to meet demand and new wood prices have gone up. As a result retail prices are set to go up, but by how much?

No dramatic price increases

Prices are set to increase for all the following products: Those for which demand has soared after the recent storms (e.g. lap and featheredge style panels); those made from fence panel type components (e.g. trellis panels, gates); fence posts and other solid timber products (e.g. pergolas, sleepers).

As a responsible retail owner, who operates both in-store, through two garden centres, and sells garden structures and fence panels online, I am committed to ensuring that customers get a great service and product, especially as so many people have been affected by the 2014 storms.

I will be reviewing the price increases over the next couple of days, but like all garden retailers will have to consider how to pass on and absorb some of these costs to my customers.

Although prices did go up at the turn of the year, I can't find any evidence that the increase was anything like the fourfold rise reported by one newspaper over the Easter weekend. 

And GardenSite certainly hasn't followed the lead of at least one retailer who placed a prominent notice on their website warning customers that prices are increasing daily, perhaps by as much as 50% in one week.

Delivery lead times have increased slightly due to a rise in demand caused by bad weather and a house building boom.

But GardenSite can guarantee to have fence panels in stock due to their very close working relationship with the UK's leading fencing manufacturers. 

Reliable stocks

Close up of a Forest fence panel

GardenSite Senior Partner, Robert Hall visited Forest Garden Products factory in Hartlebury near Worcester last year, learning how all their fencing is UK sourced from their own Scottish sawmill and further developing an excellent business relationship. Whilst David Coton and Nathan Dodd visited Grange fencing last November to see their fence panels being made first hand.

Such close ties with major suppliers means GardenSite have fencing in stock ready for delivery and prices remain steady – with prices starting under £20.00.

So the message is, don't panic, don't buy from retailers who are taking advantage of the increase in demand and using it as an excuse to push up prices. 

There is no reason to be worried about price hikes and lengthy delivery times if you buy your fencing through the UK's leading online gardening retailer, GardenSite, who guarantee the best prices and fastest delivery.

If you need to replace your fence panels then have a look at the wide selection of garden fencing on offer at to suit every budget.

If you have any fencing queries contact David Coton on 0121 355 7701.

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