Some people can do truly incredible things with their garden shed, as we'll see tonight on Amazing Spaces: Shed of the Year on Channel 4 with George Clarke. However, you don't need to build the Titanic in your back garden to get more use than you'd expect out of a garden shed.

In fact, if you're one of the 35% of Britons who doesn't have a garden shed, now might be the time to think about getting one. Many people look at sheds as simply as a storage space, but they have far more potential than that. Let's look at a few things that you could do - there are a surprising amount!

Supercharge your shed

Here are some possibilities for a garden shed you probably haven't considered, and are a little further outside the box. The key point here is that you're able to erect a new shed without applying for planning permission, so with a little effort, you can essentially extend your house without having to go through the stress, trouble and cost of applying for planning permission and getting a full extension built. With that said, let's have a look at a few ways you can make a home improvement by supercharging your garden shed:

Don't have a spare room? If you've found yourself unable to let guests stay over, or with your sofa used as a bed more times than you'd like, maybe it's time to think about building a shed into a guest outhouse - with power and some internal decoration, you could make the perfect place for someone to stay the night, without breaking the bank.

On the same trajectory, you could build your shed into home office space, game room, den, or even a garage - the possibilities are actually endless. 

Classic but proven

Inside of a potting store

Secondly, let's recap the more standard uses - a garden shed is a great place to store your garden tools, lawnmower, or wheelbarrow - especially if you've been using your garage for this job. By purchasing and erecting a garden shed, you could potentially reclaim your garage for your car, or to use as an extra room.

Another great use that doesn't take much work to set up is to convert your existing shed into a potting shed (provided there's enough light), or perhaps get a purpose-built potting shed, and nurture your plants throughout the year while still having access to great storage options. 

If you need a place to work on a project you've started, or maybe just repair broken appliances, a garden shed is perfect for you to get away from the house and focus on what you're doing, and be able to do dirtier work with shelter from the elements in the more inclement months.

Looking for a garden shed?

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