RHS School Gardeners Of The Year 2016

The RHS are on the look out for the most talented school gardeners. Part of their Campaign For School Gardening, this is an annual competition and Nathan James Dodd reports on this year's event.

Created by Nathan James Dodd on Monday, 11th of January, 2016.

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There are three categories for nominations: individual students, a school team and school gardening champions. Finalists will receive digital cameras, vouchers among other prizes, and the winners will be invited to RHS Garden Wisely in July for a prize giving ceremony.

Young School Gardener Of The Year

This is for young people aged 5-16 who can demonstrate a passionate interest for gardening. They may have made a real contribution to their school or the local community, showing impressive enthusiasm and skills.

There are four age groups and four from each one will be chosen as finalists. Their reward will be an engraved hand trowel and digital camera. Using this camera, the finalists will be expected to shoot a short film to showcase their skills.

To give you some idea of what is expected, take a look at last year's videos.

There'll be one winner chosen by a panel of well known judges from each age group. Their prize will be gardening tools and £250 worth of vouchers for their school..

The overall winner, crowned Young School Gardener of the Year, will spend a day working with RHS gardeners, receive tickets for either Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2017 or RHS Tatton Park Flower Show 2017, and their school will be given an extra £250 in National Garden Gift vouchers.

School Gardening Team

If you know of a passionate gardening team who have transformed a school's environment, then they should be nominated for this category.

Aged 5 – 16, four shortlisted finalists will be given engraved trowel, gardening gloves, £250 vouchers and a digital camera to make a short film that illustrates their accomplishments.

Then one will be selected as School Gardening Team of the Year and win a cedar greenhouse, another £250 in vouchers and a visit from a 'celebrity gardener'.

School Gardening Champion

There's normally an adult, maybe a teacher, volunteer, or club leader, who has encouraged a school's gardening activities while linking them to the curriculum.

These mentors can be nominated as school gardening champions. The four finalists will be asked to provide video evidence of why they are effective leaders and how they inspire gardening in their school. Together with a digital camera, they will also get an engraved trowel, £250 vouchers and a place on a teacher training or adult learning course at a RHS garden.

Two adult and up to four children’s tickets for either Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2017 or RHS Tatton Park Flower Show 2017 await the winning School Gardening Champion. Their school will receive an extra £250 in National Garden Gift Vouchers and a VIP visit.

To enter any of the categories, follow this link to the RHS Campaign for School Gardening website.

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