It was just over a year ago that GardenSite partner David Coton met with Frank Honald, the owner of Henri Studio who had flown in from the USA to discuss re-introducing their products into this country with a distribution deal struck with Borderstone.

We have been selling Henri Studio's expertly handcrafted and innovatively engineered products for three decades and so are especially keen to continue offering this range of classic and contemporary designs that have always proved very popular with our customers.

Three GardenSite partners can be seen carefully taking the well-packaged stock from the lorry including the eye-catching Juggling Act FountainTranquil Zen Fountain, and innovative Hurricane Eye, all of which are superbly crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Unloading Henri Studio delivery. 

Designed to enhance your garden with distinctive interest Henri Studio's designs are well known for their creativity and their craftsmen renowned for the commitment they show to producing only top quality products, qualities that have always been apparent during our thirty-year association.

Stocked in the UK so that it can be dispatched immediately if you want a centrepiece or focal point for the lawn or a feature to add the gentle sound of flowing water to a patio, the Henri Studio range contains a wonderful choice of remarkable fountains and water features.


Unloading Henri Studio delivery.