Extending our existing range of grow your own products, we’re pleased to announce that we have recently partnered with Harvst, a green-tech company that launched in 2020, who have created a range of smart growing planters suitable for the easy and eco-friendly growing of your favourite herbs, plants, and edibles at home.

Operating from their dedicated workshop in Cardigan, Wales, the tech brand helps to extend the growing season with minimal fuss, all fully-automated and controlled from a handy app!

Designed and manufactured in-house, the range of Harvst products are ideal for gardeners who want the self-sufficient benefits of growing their own food all year round, but who aren’t able to attend to their plants every day of the week. Additionally, due to the compact size and nature, it's perfectly suited to those with smaller gardens, or even for growing on balconies and patios, making growing as easy as plant, leave, grow!

Harvst said:

"Whilst many of us have access to a garden or other land, we wanted to create an easier way of growing for those with limited space and time. The Harvst systems help people grow more." 

Sold as a 'smart' kit, each Harvst greenhouse comes in one of four sizes, and can either be hooked up to the mains or powered more eco-friendly by a solar panel. Each kit includes a control system and a built-in irrigation unit, which together keep track of all the environmental conditions inside, sending information to a web-based app, which can be accessed on the user’s phone or computer. 

The technology means that, if plants need water they can be irrigated via sprayers and misters attached to a designated hose, water butt, or rain collection fitting pump. Plus, when it gets too hot, the roof opens automatically to ensure optimal air flow for your growing plants and sproutlings - now that's smart!

Heating and lighting units can be optionally added to further enhance your Harvst unit, so that when it’s cold, a heater will automatically turn on, whilst when it’s dark, lights will automatically be turned on.

From the web-based Harvst app, owners can manage and monitor their smart greenhouse and add to a ‘grow diary’, detailing what they’ve planted and picked.  The app will prompt users to take appropriate actions depending on the plant type and stage of growth, helping to grow plants better.

Shop the Harvst range of mini greenhouses with GardenSite today and get growing for a smarter harvest!

The Harvst Sprout S14 Mini Greenhouse
The Harvst Sprout S14 Mini Greenhouse