Like it or not, BREXIT has touched all of our lives here in the UK, but at least we all had a vote on that. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed lives all around the world forever, but no show of hands was ever going to stop that. In 2021, out of Europe, we have been living in the wake of these turbulent times and we all have to navigate a course out, but some have lifeboats, many don’t.

A frustrated journalist? Maybe. A businessman? Perhaps. An optimist? Always. So whilst I am lucky enough to still be sailing I have my sights set on the future and part of that may be over the horizon so it’s time to get my feet wet.

GardenSite can ship abroad

As a small niche company, GardenSite has always shipped abroad, but now there are new rules, more red tape, and higher risks but also an opportunity. Calais is in economic Europe, Dover is not. And there is a UK VAT saving of 20% to be gained by those living over the sea. Of course, there are import taxes and shipping costs but being able to navigate these waters for our clients is what we do.

If you like what you see on GardenSite, but do not reside in the UK, we can create the bridge and make it happen for you.

Different products to different destinations

We have already shipped Barlow Tyrie furniture all the way to Australia for one client and have just waved off 5 very large pallets of Vivid Arts resin animal ornaments to another in Turkey. These are just two examples, and I won’t reel off a list, as they range from very small items on a carrier to large shipments that have been individually delivered to customers' doors many miles away from our Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham base.

A large order packed and ready to be delivered to Turkey.
A large order packed and ready to be delivered to Turkey.

How can I get a quote for GardenSite to ship to me?

If this is of interest to you simply put the items you are looking for into the basket and rather than hitting the Checkout button, scroll down to the bottom left and hit the Quote Me Now button. Choose the Shipping Quote button next and fill in your details. No credit card details are required in this process but we do need to know exactly where we are going so a full address and contact details are required. Then…. leave it to us and we will be in touch. A simple quote may take a day or two, and a more complex one will take several days or even weeks.

There are different options in shipping abroad so I won’t attempt to cover all bases here as we would rather work on a case-by-case basis.

If you seriously want it, GardenSite will make it happen, if it’s possible. It’s part of our ethos to be always opening up new routes and hopefully, we can deliver to your door too.

GardenSite's quote option within our basket.
GardenSite's quote option within our basket.