The Wildlife Aid Foundation recently purchased several animal ornaments from GardenSite and David Coton, one of our partners, thought that this charity carried out such terrific work that we made a charitable donation to assist with the cost.

The foundation not only rescues and rehabilitates wildlife, they advise, help and support other organisations and the general public, and educate school students about the importance of preserving our wildlife.

Their CEO, Simon Cowell, told me that the foundation he set up as a small wildlife rescue charity in the 1980s has now grown into one of the UK's leading environmental and animal welfare organisations.

He realised that there were many groups who look after natural habitats but relatively few that cared for the animals, and how vital it is to preserve every species as the loss of even one will have a diverse effect on the whole ecosystem.

No animal refused

Vivid arts Badger Ornament. 
Vivid arts Badger Ornament. 

It's the charity's policy that no injured, sick or orphaned animal, and this could be a small bird to a large mammal such as a badger, is ever turned away and the majority are returned to the wild after recovering.

All this dedicated work, that sometimes involves rescuing animals in the middle of the night and intensive care, is undertaken free of charge.

As a centre of excellence, the foundation receives thousands of requests for help regarding wildlife from professionals as well as the public and whatever the question, they will endeavour to find an answer.

Education takes the form of talks, presentations and social media, and all this helps children in different ways to understand how wildlife in the UK is threatened and what can be done, as well as explaining environmental issues.

GardenSite's gesture

Vivid Arts Fallow Deer Ornament
Vivid Arts Fallow Deer Ornament

Simon loved the animal ornaments from our Vivid Arts Animal Ornaments Range and ordered a variety of animal species from us, including a Fox, Hedgehog, Tawny and Barn Owl. I myself oversaw the order and on behalf of GardenSite offered Simon and Wildlife Aid a cash donation which went towards the purchase of these friendly items. The collection of lifelike animals are on their way to this exceptionally deserving charity, superbly detailed in high-quality heavyweight resin with accurate colouring and very true to life.

Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use, they will be a marvellous addition to the foundation's head office in Surrey, and we were only too pleased to help their excellent work with a donation.

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Further information on their work can be found on the Wildlife Aid Foundation website, or if you would like to help this great foundation yourself, you may donate online using Wildlife Aid's secure donation page