Certikin already distributes Heissner pond products and Evolution Aqua's Phil Jolley told Andrew that it makes sense to team up with Certikin as they have the space and logistics to do the Bermuda brand justice.

Steve Nelson, Certikin's Commercial Manager added that he was very optimistic that the Bermuda brand could fulfil its huge potential and regain its well respected position in the aquatic product's market.

Marketing and promotion will stay with Evolution Aqua, and sales will be headed up by National Accounts Manager Bob Meacham who is seen in the photograph with GardenSite's Andrew Hall.

Bob, who used to work for Bermuda, is confident that returning with a core selection of products that made the brand previously so successful in both the professional and hobbyist markets will be a successful strategy.

In addition to pre-formed ponds and water courses, customers will expect to see more Bermuda pond pumps and filters, pond liners and innovative new treatments containing Evolution Aqua's Pure technology.

GardenSite customers have always been enthusiastic about the quality and variety of products in our Bermuda Shop, and this new distribution deal is welcome confirmation that this is a brand that is back for good.