It appears that the Celebrity Big Brother house for the new year is Renaissance inspired and we're honoured that our garden ornaments have been selected to appear in the house.

Nathan James Dodd, Marketing Manager at GardenSite, took the call from a design representative of Channel 5's Big Brother who knew roughly what they wanted but required a little bit of guidance.

They were looking for four grand style ornaments which were to be placed around the house. With Nathan having such good product knowledge he knew exactly where to point them.

Design Toscano peacock sculpture

The first ornament Nathan showed them was the Design Toscano Staverden Peacock Statue which they fell in love with in an instant.

It is a heavy duty resin made garden ornament and very highly detailed, featuring a peacock sitting on top of an urn to make one complete sculpture standing at just over 85cm tall.

The Staverden Peacock ornament comes in a plain antique stone finish as standard but they weren't going to keep this colour as they planned to spray paint it gold to give a regal look and fit in with their royally decorated house in the forthcoming show.

Lion garden ornament

A lion statue was also required and, after describing where it was to be used, Nathan directed them to our Lion Garden Ornament from Home and Garden UK which is designed to sit flanking an entrance sitting at a height of 91cm.

This ornament is also made from resin but has been given a bronzed look to create the illusion that it's made from metal aged iron.

These have also been sprayed gold to fit in with the Rennaissance decor and placed on top of pedestals sitting either side of a set of gates in the house's garden.

Both of these statues were wrapped, packed and sent out to the Big Brother team by our wrap and pack department and received in perfect condition.

Big Brother house

Big Brother is well known for its lavish house designs and they never disappoint, always coming up with a new theme and design every single year since the show started in July 2000 when it was won by Craig Phillips. You can buy the same Ornaments used in the house from Gardensite if you want to imitate the Big Brother House.