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We are pleased to announce that our sister site AquaticSite has now moved to the home of gardening on the web, Offering the same great service and products we had before all in one place.

Created by Andy Hobson (Alumni) on Tuesday, 30th of April, 2013.
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AquaticSite now on

Some of the wonderful products which are now available through GardenSite's aquatic section include ponds, aquariums, water features and much more, all by some of the most reputable suppliers around.

Water Features and Fountains

Our range of cast stone water features includes brands such as Henri Studio, Haddonstone and Massarelli’s. All of which can be delivered to your home and will look great as a centre piece in your garden.

These water features are in different styles and sizes including tiered, tall, short, round and square fountains. Most will come in separate parts which are very simple to put together, you could have one up and running in an hour or two.

If cast stone isn’t something you’re interested in then there is also a much cheaper and lighter alternative, our resin fountains. These are easy to assemble and if you fancy a change it doesn’t take much to move them once you empty the water out.

Aquariums and Accessories

You will also still be able to purchase great aquariums and accessories from some of the highest quality manufacturers like Juwel who have a very large range from the smaller nano aquariums to the large 450 litre fish tanks.

If Saltwater tanks are more your thing then be sure to have a look at our Marine section which stocks tanks, protein skimmers, salt and other additives including treatments for both fish and coral.

Our main supplier of marine products is TMC (Tropical Marine Centre) as we know how hard they work to keep the quality of their products high whilst the price stays reasonable, this is also where all of our livestock comes from for our Aquatic Superstore in Sutton Coldfield.

Ponds and Water Gardening

If you’ve got a pond or water garden then look no further, our range of pond products includes pumps, filters, UV clarifiers and even preformed ponds or pond liner. All by the best aquatic manufacturers around including Hozelock and Oase.

We also stock a wide range of spares for all of our pond products and this includes filter foams, filter media, UV lamps both T8, T5, PLS and PLL.

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