Often only thought of in our own country as a useful source of canes for supporting the runner beans this is certainly one of the most useful groups of plants known to man.        

I could be sitting in my bamboo chair, eating bamboo shoots from by bamboo bowl with a pair of bamboo chopsticks.

My house could be constructed from bamboo and I could have a bamboo bicycle propped up outside ready to whisk me away.

But what would I be growing in the garden?

Bamboos are actually grasses. They range in size from tiny creeping plants to towering monsters, 30 or 40 metres in height. The shoots of the bamboo giants emerge from the soil and grow at an amazing rate, upto 45cm a day.

It is said that you can actually see the shoot growing in front of your eyes.

Bamboo grows well in the UK

In the U.K. we are fortunate enough to have a climate ideally suited to growing a wide range of Bamboos. They can be used as single specimens, eventually forming thickets with delightful arching stems that sway gracefully in the breeze.

Some of the smaller varieties are also ideal for growing in pots or containers. They look particularly attractive when planted in one of the blue glazed pots that are all the rage at the moment.

Alternatively, why not consider a garden feature made from bamboo! There are a range of water features, ornaments, gazebos and archways manufactured from robust bamboo poles.

The oasis bamboo waterfall cascade in large size.
The oasis bamboo waterfall cascade in large size.

Install a bamboo water feature in your garden pond

You can even buy a bamboo water feature in the form of  the Large Bamboo Waterfall Cascade. This is easily connected to a pump and produces a natural focal point along with running water. Perfectly tranquil and very eastern.

You could consider simply 'planting' three or more different lengths of bamboo into the ground to make an interesting focal point. Or you could invest in some elegant patio furniture of a bamboo deck chair.

So why not make a bit of space for a bamboo? You won't be disappointed. It will reward you with its year-round elegance and you will have brought a bit of the exotic East to your own back garden.