Following on from the introduction and great popularity of the Avant range launched by Alexander Rose in 2003, the brand is bringing their collection forward with the launch of the Cologne furniture range, extending the choice of high-quality garden seating for its customers.

Included in the range is everything that you will need to equip an outside space, such as dining tables and chairs so that you can wine and dine with friends and family. Recliners and armchairs so that you can rest in the tranquillity of your garden in comfort and style, and lastly for when the sun is hot, a comfortable sun lounger to sunbathe all day long while enjoying all that nature has to offer.

The design of the Alexander Rose Cologne collection was conceived by the acclaimed Danish furniture designer Povl Eskildsen, who merged together rectangle stainless steel frames with Roble hardwood, ceramic and Textilene sling materials in an attempt to create a classic yet modern angular furniture range.

We believe that he did a fantastic job as all of the pieces from the smaller side table to the 3.2-metre long extendable table are absolutely magnificent! Each piece of furniture is crafted with exceptional quality materials and to Alexander Rose's highest standards, in return offering highly durable, virtually maintenance-free products for indoor or outdoor use.

Materials used in the Cologne Collection:

Cologne Stainless steel 90cm square table with grey ceramic top and four graphite stacking chairs
Cologne stainless Steel frame table and four graphite stacking chairs set out for illustration purposes.

Roble Hardwood - Smooth and light yellow in colour, it offers exceptional durability and known to last up to 25 years.

Stainless Steel - A popular choice for many frame designs, the use of 304 graded stainless steel gives furniture stability and maintenance-free traits.

Sling (Rose Sling) - PVC coated polyester creates a hardy and long lasting fabric that offers UV, mildew and weather resistant properties. The perfect choice for outdoor furniture, a softer seating alternative to wood.

String - 5mm thick with a solid HDPE (high-density polyethylene) middle and an outer knitted sleeve. String provides a modern and comfortable seating area on the Cologne stacking armchairs.

Ceramic - Most dining tables within the range feature a ceramic top. A mix of granite and ceramic is ground, compacted and heated together to create a tough table top in a choice of dark grey or ivory colours.

Low maintenance and highly weatherproof

Four Alexander Rose Cologne sun Bed set out by the pool for illustration purposes. 
Alexander Rose Cologne Sun Bed has been discontinued, below link is to the very similar Alexander Rose Rimini stacking sunbed.

Each piece of Alexander Rose furniture makes use of exceptional precision engineered stainless steel frames. The steel contains a high amount of nickel and chrome which creates an outer layer of chromium oxide, helping to prevent rust and corrosion when keeping the furniture outdoors for long periods of time.

The Textilene slings won't discolour or fade over time due to their UV protected fabric, it's also PVC coated to withstand rain and so won't see the effects of mould or discoloration as found with cheaper materials.

For peace of mind, each product comes complete with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty. So you can rest assured that if you choose your outdoor furniture from within the Cologne range, or any other products from Alexander Rose for that matter, then you'll know that only quality and precision are incorporated when crafting these fine furniture sets.

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