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For Home Installation and Erection of Garden Buildings and Accessories

A lead time of 15-21 working days from receipt of order will generally apply to any order for installation which may be extended by either the installer or the customer.

The published Installation price will be restricted to the designated UK Mainland delivery locations. Extra charges may be arranged for outlying areas.

The customer must ensure that he/she has made adequate provision for a base prior to installation. The following options are available:

The suitability of the prepared base/ground will be entirely at the discretion of the installer upon arrival.

In the event that the installer has to abandon installation due to lack of preparation or that the installer considers the conditions to be of such a hazardous nature that their Health & Safety might be compromised, the customer will be liable for the incurred costs.

The customer will not be liable for any additional cost in the event that installation cannot take place due to adverse weather conditions.

In the event that the customer is absent at the time of installation they shall appoint a third party who has authority to confirm the successful completion of the installation. They will give notice prior to installation and provide written authority either to the ourselves or directly to the installer.

The customer should ensure that:

In the event that delivery takes place prior to the installer arriving, the packaging must remain in tact and stored in a clean and dry location (allowing the installer an opportunity to check the contents). Missing parts will not be replaced free of charge if the package has been opened.

Acceptance of an agreed installation date will imply acceptance of the above terms and conditions. On completion of the installation the customer/agreed third party shall sign and date an ‘Installation Note’ provided by the installer.