Most of us just have a traditional shed that keeps the contents dry and out of the way, but is it really that secure?

For instance, does your current shed door have a padlock with a hasp and staple? This is particularly important if you bear in mind that insurers might not pay out for stolen goods if a shed is not locked, or locked as securley as their terms and conditions imply.

Possibly saving you money in the long run, a security shed will keep your valuable garden equipment away from the prying eyes of passers-by and thieves. Lawnmowers, garden furniture and children's bikes can be stored securely, out of view and behind a padlocked door.

Benefits of a Security Shed

You may, however, decide that the best way to protect your property is to buy a shed that has been designed specifically with security in mind. 

There are many sizes and types of security sheds out there, ranging from metal, plastic and wooden varieties and priced anywhere from £185 to £3185. Sheds classed as being 'security' orientated normally include some or all of the following:

  • Reinforced Structure- Primarily Around The Door Area
  • Braced Wall & Roof Panels
  • Additional Locking Mechanisms

But unfortunately, will not normally come with a window or skylight, as these are potentially easy target areas to gain access inside.

Reinforced structure around door


Structural components

Security Sheds for Allotments

If you have an allotment, keeping your tools in a compact security shed is an excellent idea. By placing valuable tools and equipment out of view you are removing them from temptation, and if a break-in is attempted, the security features that these sheds offer will deter many thieves.

Making Your Shed More Secure

If you've already got a shed and don't wish to upgrade it just yet, or have recently purchased one and would like to make it more secure, here are a few tips maximize its offering.

  • A 'shed bar' across the door is a great visual and physical deterrent.
  • Fit a grill over the windows and either install locks or screw opening windows shut.
  • Think about fitting an alarm, they can be pretty cheap at around £20.00 and if an intruder does manage to get inside your shed, the alarm alone may stop their actions.
  • Keep the shed well maintained so no panels come apart or gaps occur.

Security Shed Brands

If you're wondering about which brands are the best for security, then look no further.

Lifetime sheds offer a range of adequately secure plastic sheds, with many sizes available all with easy access double door entrance.

While both TrimetalsAsgard sheds and Biohort sheds are the top contenders when it comes to being secure. Each has their own variety of styles, sizes and designs to choose from as well as an array of optional accessories.

Adequate Insurance?

If you are the victim of theft, home contents insurance will normally cover any theft from a shed but may have a maximum payout, or a single article limit if not individually declared, so it's worth checking the small print and ensuring your insurance is adequate.

So that you can prepare a claim, call our dedicated insurance team for impartial information and recommendations on 0121 355 7701 (7 days a week, between 9am and 5pm). GardenSite can then provide a quote for garden related goods, equipment and tools that may have been stolen, or damage done to the shed during a break-in.