There is a comprehensive range of styles and the heaters can be wall or ceiling mounted, freestanding, placed on a tabletop or even fitted to a parasol. Your patio heater can also be used inside the home and, wherever located, you'll find them very economical to run.

Both contemporary and retro designs are available, all the heaters are extremely safe and innovations such as built-in speakers and Bluetooth connectivity create a multi-functional product that will add sound and colour to your enjoyment.

La Hacienda is the leading manufacturer of electric patio heaters, their use of halogen, quartz and carbon fibre infrared elements results in excellent energy efficiency, far superior to their traditional predecessors and very safe.

Eco-Friendly And Safe

As they use less power to emit such a substantial amount of heat, the heaters are environmentally friendly as well as cost-effective. The elements heat up extremely quickly and there are no fumes or other emissions.

All the freestanding heaters are fitted with a safety switch in case they are accidentally knocked over, and you can be sure that all the lamps are manufactured to similar strict safety standards.

Their Nero and Nerva are good examples of heaters that can be placed on a table or on the ground and, with several heat settings, an oscillating inner reflector very effectively radiates warmth over a wide area. The freestanding Tauri is similar in appearance but also benefits from a remote control.

Clad in silver or copper coloured metal, there are other elegant halogen tabletop heaters that resemble lamps with tall freestanding equivalents alongside other retro-styled heaters that strikingly replicate a searchlight or vintage lamp.

High-Level Warmth

Heaters that hang from the ceiling are particularly useful for gazebos or similar structures, with a pull string they can feature industrial design appeal or be clad in shining metal with an attractive beautiful lustre.

If you are sitting under a parasol, there are sets of heaters that fix to the central supporting pole, these cater for a wide area or may be angled towards the centre and can also be easily fitted to a single pole or tripod to heat a particular space.

Gas Fired

Further interesting and innovative gas-fired patio heaters are produced by Outback and Lifestyle, either a mushroom shape similar to those you see on the street outside cafes or featuring flames swirling safely behind the tight mesh and providing visual interest as well raising the temperature.

Whatever criteria you employ to select your perfect patio heater you won't be short of choice from La Hacienda's impressive range to cutting edge models from other manufacturers, so there's every reason to feel the warmth and extend your living space outdoors.