Outdoor stoves and fireplaces allow you to make the most of any outside area. Many also provide the opportunity for you to prepare barbecued and other styles of food while at the same time benefiting from the heat that is generated.

Stoves and fireplaces are a very safe method of heating a large area, this is perhaps most appreciated in the cool of the evening, and you'll find that many are multi-functional, offering the chance to prepare a range of hot meals to satisfy the appetites of friends and family who have gathered around.

Warmth and visual interest are engendered by the ever-changing and magical sight of flickering flames which have a hypnotic effect. This effect is essential to the design of any stove whether retro or contemporary in style, and is a characteristic shared by eco-friendly outdoor models from Chesney and their La Hacienda innovative counterparts.

Comfortable in contemporary or more traditional surroundings, these stoves and fireplaces will transform the way you utilize your leisure time, with either logs or charcoal providing the fuel to heat their surroundings and in many cases to bake, smoke, roast and stir fry a wide range of dishes which will be thoroughly enjoyed by all your guests.


For a modern space, Chesneys' stoves are probably the first choice with a selection that includes the eco-burn stove and three models designed to cook food with different capacities and capabilities, the heat and grill, garden gourmet and garden party stove. Built from stainless steel with a cast iron door, the stoves are eco-friendly in the sense that clean-burning and advanced heat retentive features lead to the economical use of fuel resulting in minimal smoke emission.

They have a contemporary appearance and, in addition to being marvellous outdoor heaters, the three dual-purpose models are designed to prepare a tremendous range of food really well. Steaks and other meats are easy to grill, pizzas a breeze using the supplied stone, and Asian food stir-fried to spicy perfection.

When you consider that these stoves can also smoke and bake, they boast side shelves and are supplied with extras including gloves and a thermometer, it's not a surprise to learn that celebrity chef James Martin advised Chesneys on their design.

La Hacienda

These fireplaces are innovatively designed with a varied but very distinctive appearance, all of which will tempt people outside to feel the warmth of their welcome. The Stonehurst is a fireplace that's open to encourage free-flowing flames, there's space for logs to be stored underneath and it resembles a pagoda in shape. Possessing both engaging heat and visual interest, it is sure to become a terrific focal point.

With a log fire contained in a barrel-shaped compartment behind a mesh guard, the Santana fireplace is definitely retro chic, while the Volantis has a naturally oxidized metal surface that emphasizes Victorian appeal, a faux aged appearance masking its contemporary benefits.

Chesneys are renowned for creating excellent quality outdoor stoves which fuse traditional and modern designs. They aim for perfection and focus on designing attractive outdoor pieces which are manufactured to a very high standard from durable materials.

They are superbly versatile, enabling you to efficiently prepare several styles of delicious food. Perfect if you enjoy a stir fry or pizza, Chesneys' stoves are environmentally friendly, producing very little smoke and minimising fuel usage.