A classic chimenea with a fire raging inside

Classic Chimeneas

Chimeneas are reputed to have originated hundreds of years ago as a vessel for cooking and baking as well as heating. They've become very popular in the States and now over here, as attractive garden ornaments as well as practical patio additions.

For something as genuinely Mexican as a Tequila Sunrise or a battered sombrero, our inclement weather may come as a surprise but these classic designs will reliably withstand harsh conditions and use wood as fuel.

Displaying complete authenticity are the chimeneas handcrafted from clay. There's an impressive range including the 'Calida' and the 'Lumbre', and these are both well-chosen names as they mean warm and fire in Spanish.

Other examples of traditional style are the El Sol, Campanero and Algeria chimeneas together with the Flower Star which, along with selected others, is available in a range of sizes to best suit the location.

Of similar appearance but constructed from steel with different colour finishes and fired by charcoal or wood are the Leon Bronze Steel Chimenea and Murcia Black Steel Chimenea. Again, there are several sizes from which you can choose.

Towering above them all is the Mega Chimenea with Grill, another which is well named as it stands nearly 7ft tall. Murcia and Arriba chimeneas are two more from this traditionally styled collection. They are all extremely durable, easily cleaned and maintained.

A contemporary, black coloured chimenea with a fire raging inside

Contemporary Chimeneas

For a patio or similar outdoor area that that is designed to have a contemporary ambiance, you will want a chimenea constructed from modern materials rather than clay and built in a style that complements the surroundings.

The Malmo and Circo Steel chimeneas have an integral wood store and are striking designs. Resembling rockets made from matt black steel taking off from the Nevada desert, they will certainly be attention-grabbing focal points perfectly suited to a modern patio.

Various sized chimeneas from the Colorado range offer 360º warmth, inviting guests to gather round, campfire-style and, incorporating both modern and traditional style elements, the Barola stands on three sturdy legs and a tall flue allows smoke to escape.

With all these contemporary models, the powder-coated finish is heat resistant, so the chimenea will retain a sleek stylish look, even after numerous firings.