Do you remember the trepidation every December when you crawled up into the loft to get the Christmas lights out? Would they work or do you have to search around for spare bulbs to replace the ones that aren’t working? And which one isn’t working? And what a mess of tangled wires.

The introduction of LED lights has gone a long way towards eradicating that fear but they simply were copies of the original bulb fairy lights to start with, until the introduction of Christmas cluster lights.

They are the first leap forward in Christmas light design for many years and boy, are they welcome!

What Are Christmas Cluster Lights?

The name is on the tin, so to speak, as these LED lights have been bunched or clustered up together and held away from the main string to form a garland of lights, closely packed and in a much shorter length than traditional used.

You do not need, or want, miles of cable wrapped around the tree that produces lots of plastic cabling with minimal effect. What you need is an elegant swath of lights that has an immediate impact and is easy to drape on even the largest tree - and that is a set of Cluster lights.


The Best Ways to Dress a Tree with Cluster Lights

Straight out of the box they unfold without drama so no untangling is required before you even start. And I always start at the top of the tree by attaching the cluster lights with some green twisty ties (another great DIY introduction). Now you have a choice.

A tall Christmas tree decorated with cluster lights in use.Dressing A Full Tree with Cluster Lights

Starting at the top you wind the lights around the outside of the tree slowly descending in a helter skelter style. To achieve this you will need to have access all around the tree and preferably with a second person that you can pass the lights too if space behind the tree is tight. You can wrap the cluster lights up in a ball as you pass them behind as they really don’t tangle easily.

As you go from one branch to the next you can allow the cluster lights to slightly drop down in an arc to create a softer swag effect. If you like this idea you will probably need a few twisty ties at the ends of the branches so the clusters do not slip off. Ideally, your lights will finish when you have dressed the whole tree and better still if they finish at the back of the tree too. This can be tricky but you will get a good idea as the lights start to unfurl as the how tight you can space them. Cluster lights are certainly going to be shorter than traditional string lights though.

Dressing A Tree In A Corner with Cluster Lights

Starting again at the top, run the lights partly down the main tip until you can come across to the left-hand side of the first row of branches. Run the lights around these branches until you get to the right-hand side of the tree then run the lights back in towards the trunk a little before dropping down to the next set of branches. Weave the lights back towards the left-hand side of the tree again before running them back a little towards the trunk and dropping down again to the next row of branches before heading back towards the right-hand side of the tree again.

Continue this process all the way down the tree. Remember the lights do not have to cover the entire tree as you need some spaces to hang your decorations too.

A close up view of cluster lights in use on a Christmas tree.How Else Can I Use Cluster Lights?

So far I have only talked about dressing trees with cluster lights but it’s definitely worth remembering that cluster lights can be used for garlands and swags and simply on their own around the home.

Why not add some accent lights when using cluster lights too? We will often add a set of flickering candle lights which make a really traditional statement on the tree but aren't enough on their own to decorate a tree. You could use novelty lights such as snowmen, fairies or little angels in the same way and it will look stunning.

And you can use cluster lights on the outside of your house as well, as they are generally manufactured for use outdoors as well as indoors. And this opens up a whole new range of uses. Do you want to decorate the outside of your house quickly and effectively? Cluster lights will certainly do that too.

We feel cluster lights are the answer to everyone's Christmas Tree lighting nightmare so why not try them and see for yourself.