Twig Trees can be naturalistic, shaped like a willow or a cherry tree, icy white or full of colourful blossom, elegantly tall or bonsai small.

Freestanding or placed on a table top, the trees look perfect in any situation, with masses of LEDs creating a remarkable effect, a dazzling addition to your Christmas decorations.

Although the design and the impact these trees have is very striking, running costs are kept low due to the LEDs' economical energy consumption.


A varied range is offered by this well known Scandinavian lighting company. From 3ft - 8ft tall, their trees come in various styles including a remarkable weeping willow.

Placed outside, the trees can line a pathway or decorate your doorway, their LEDs' sprinkling light adding a festive glow to the surroundings.


Beautiful colourful cherry blossom trees are a Premier speciality. From 5ft to 8ft tall, the blue, pink, red and warm white LEDs combine intense light with vibrant colour to create an effervescent display.

As a centrepiece nothing will surpass the exquisite 1ft 5in cherry tree with its zigzag stem and dainty multi-coloured blossoms, that is also available in 2ft and 7ft versions. 

White snowflakes and leaves decorate other trees with frosty twigs and branches. This vivid tracery is tremendously effective against a dark winter background.


The four styles of Christmas Twig Trees from Kaemingk Lumineo are very distinctive. There's three versions of one with snowy branches and warm white lights (4ft, 6ft & 8ft), then there's an unusual Spiral Christmas Tree with white or black LED laden branches winding around the main stem. This very eye-catching tree has eight light functions and two sizes - 8ft or 10ft..

Alternatively, you can choose a very atmospheric birch style tree that has snow covered branches and wonderful warm white illumination. There are three sizes and the tree can be located indoors or in the garden.

For more interest, there's also a Birch Tree Grove consisting of five trees that form a fascinating scene, either 3ft or just under 4ft high with 48 or 72 LEDs.