Konstsmide is one of the leading names in Christmas lighting and decorations, and their bright representations of idyllic scenes with bobble hatted people shopping and playing against a frosty backdrop, will transform your home's ambiance, creating a joyous atmosphere and enhancing your enjoyment of the festivities.

Fibre optics conveying a sparkling spectrum of light and LED brightness are used to great effect in these decorative pieces. A vibrantly coloured Fibre Optic Church pictures people arriving by foot and on horseback for a Christmas service with lights shining through the stained glass, and the lavishly decorated Fibre Optic Village is beautifully lit by blues, oranges and greens.

Originating like many of our Christmas traditions in Germany, the Konstsmide Gingerbread House is deliciously decorated and lit by LEDs, as is the Alpine-style wooden cabin which has such a warm glow and wooden house complete with a snow-covered Christmas tree on the porch and backlit bells and foliage around the base.

Movement and music is introduced by all the fun of the Konstsmide snowman fairground with several skaters and the whole village enjoying themselves. The Christmas ferris wheel which slowly revolves much to the children's enjoyment is another red, green and gold attraction.

Silhouettes are beautifully made from delightful fret cut wood, each one with alpine scenes featuring skiers, mountains, a church or a busy market subtly illuminated to create a marvellous Christmassy tableau decorated by the traditional colours and frosty snow. The angels singing silhouette is particularly effective when lights are low and the wonderful craftsmanship can be fully appreciated.

Kaemingk is another company who have introduced intriguing and very colourful contemporary displays that feature cityscapes of Paris and Moscow. With the Eiffel Tower and St Basil's Cathedral as centrepieces illuminated by multi-coloured LEDs, snow on the ground, skaters and a carousel, the magic of these scenes is enhanced by movement and music.

Powered either by batteries or mains with a transformer and positioned on a window sill or perhaps as a table centrepiece, these decorations will brightly add to your enjoyment of Christmas with their seasonal scenes reflecting the traditions that we value so highly.