Although all Christmas decorations tend to change with the advent of new technology, wreaths made from freshly harvested berries, cones and greenery have stood the test of time.

The most basic wreaths feature a ring of Noble Fir branches, handmade from lush newly cut foliage to fill your home with seasonal fragrance.

These wreaths can be displayed as supplied or decorated at home to create your own bespoke design, and you know they will stay fresh well into the new year.

Just the addition of a red bow and cones will transform a simple wreath by adding both bright colour and textural interest. Substitute the red bow with a different colour or check pattern and another effect is created.

Three white bows with cones gathered into groups form a delightful yet understated design, and this can be embellished by adding a frost effect with the bows exchanged for silver ones.

As with all these hand crafted wreaths, different sizes are available, usually between 8ins and 24ins in diameter.

Ready decorated wreaths come in a huge variety of styles. A fabulous example is the Citrus Cones Wreath which has a wonderful selection of spices and fruits, including cinnamon, cloves and dried oranges, displayed on a background of Noble Fir branches.

Cornflowers can add their beautiful blue hues to a wreath, blending delightfully with the brown cones and green foliage, while ivy and holly, variegated and plain, and cider apple orchard mistletoe will enhance any wreath with their texture and mystical significance.

Roses, cones and foliage might seem an unlikely partnership but they perfectly contrast with each other, summer and winter elements intertwined to produce a stunning combination of seasonal colours.

Advent wreaths are a further innovation, they have all the characteristics of a traditional wreath but four white candles are included to introduce brightness into your home during the month leading up to Christmas.

Artificial Wreaths

For an alternative to fresh wreaths there's a wide choice of artificial ones, these have the advantage of a longer life span and many are brightly lit by battery powered LEDs to add another attractive dimension.

As with their freshly prepared counterparts, there are foliage only versions that can be self- decorated or many others that are already overflowing with highly realistic berries, baubles and real pine cones.

Poinsettias are very popular at this time of the year and they are a fashionable decoration whether their flamboyant bracts are naturally bright red, gold or silver, with burgundy poinsettias looking fabulous when accompanied by dark berries and cones on a backdrop of browns and deep green.

Many of these artificial wreaths have a frosted appearance which blends perfectly with silver and white elements and contrasts beautifully with red berries and dark cones.

Fresh and artificial wreaths will bring a real sense of occasion to what is the most special time of the year, they each have advantages but hung on your front door or inside your home, both celebrate tradition with natural beauty and perhaps just a little glitz.