The first artificial Christmas trees appeared as early as the late 18th century. Later, 'feather' trees were popular and remained so until the 1920s. Then in the 30s, Addis introduced a tree that sold surprisingly well, considering it was basically just a large green toothbrush.

Most of us, however, are more familiar with the aluminium and plastic varieties decorated with lots of tinsel. They made little effort to look realistic but were amazingly well-received because they had so many advantages over a real tree.

Technological advances and changes in fashion have meant that these sparse and skinny tinsel trees have now been replaced by our range of artificial trees that are incredibly realistic. Pine and spruce along with Fir have been replicated by a range of artificial trees, among them Vancouver Mixed and Alaskan pine, together with Nordic and Tuscan Fir, and Serbian spruce.

The most convincing artificial trees, with great shape, size and colour, use PE to replicate the prickly feel of real branches, they can be virtually indistinguishable from the real thing but won't give you a rash. Some have a dusting of frost or are weighed down with snow while others feign realism with lifelike berries, cones and ferns. The natural look can continue with a sacking base or a stand that resembles those used for a real tree.

Why Choose An Artificial Tree?

Artificial Christmas trees have many advantages over real ones. They can be positioned anywhere in the house, this includes next to radiators that dry out natural trees leading to early needle drop. Even if a natural tree is watered, with only a small root ball or none at all, it will be dying before you purchase it. Then after a fortnight or so it will have to be taken to the dump.

With an artificial tree, its pristine shapely appearance remains indefinitely and you just pack it away in a storage bag after Christmas, ready for next year. All this saves you lots of time and no little expense.

With hinged branches and stands, artificial trees are easy to display, there's no need to saw off the bottom or to manoeuvre it into a bucket with the sharp needles cutting into your hands.

Decorating the tree with Christmas lights and ornaments is also less painful, with the lifelike branches made from a new soft material that's also a totally realistic texture and colour. There is normally a choice of height, anything from tabletop trees to ones that tower over you at 8ft tall, so whether you live in a mansion or bedsit, there's one for you.

If you have no time for decorating a tree, many now come pre-lit and, if you prefer, realism can take a back seat, as the advent of LEDs and fibre optics has created fabulous trees that sparkle with light and are fantastic decorations in their own right. 

Pop-Up Trees

These are something else altogether. There are decorative more than realistic and can be erected in minutes. The tree is already a riot of tinsel and baubles, a little showy to say the least but certainly an attention grabber in a variety of colours (even black), some also have the advantage of being battery operated.

Fibre Optic trees

Sometimes a technological advance in any aspect of life can radically alter the status quo and, as far as Christmas trees are concerned, this happened with the advent of fibre optics.

Developed with more serious applications in mind such as communications and medicine, the fibre optic is a flexible, extremely very fine tube made from glass or plastic through which light can be transmitted.

It didn't take long for its decorative qualities to be appreciated and now vibrant fibre optic Christmas trees glisten, sparkle and shimmer to the delight of everyone who loves the magic of the festive season.

Multi-coloured, dazzling and flamboyant, fibre optic Christmas trees can be decorated with cones and berries, dazzling silver flowers, flamboyant multi-coloured poinsettias and stars. The subtle and soft changing hues of branches can be complemented by colourful bows or iridescent tinsel tips. Showy snowflakes or cool white, bright red and glittering gold petals are amongst some other alternative embellishments.

No Substitute for Quality

At GardenSite only the best quality trees are selected for sale at prices to suit everyone's budget. Bear in mind we don't always list online all the artificial Christmas trees we have in stock, so call or email a query if you can't see what you're looking for and we will do our utmost to help. 

We have been selling trees for over 50 years and will be able to offer all the advice you need, including the best way to decorate your tree and how to install lights, and our selection of real and artificial trees always represents exceptional value for money.