Affinity ponds by Blagdon and Intalogs timber pools represent a fresh way of introducing an aquatic environment into your garden, they add a new dimension and avoid the hard work that is involved with installing a traditional pond.

Accommodating water features just like a traditional pond, a raised one boasts other advantages, for example viewing windows in the Blagdon range that allow you and your children to observe fish in their natural habitat and other underwater activity.

Blagdon pool

Blagdon Affinity Ponds

Manufactured in a number of different eye catching shapes and sizes, Blagdon Affinity ponds are constructed with a strong and stylish high quality woven cover over a rust free aluminium frame. There's a reinforced liner and fixings are stainless steel.

To ensure clean clear water and a healthy environment, the ponds come complete with a 'life support system', this consists of a pump, filter, and 5w UVC to combat algae. There's also a fountain with three attractive effects and an automatic night time LED so that the pond can be enjoyed into the evening.

Intalogs Timber Pools

Holding up to 400 gallons (1800 litres), Intalogs wooden pools slot together simply and incredibly quickly, with each side built up in layers. This means there are no specialist fixings needed, and the pool can be easily moved if required.

The pine that is used in the pools' construction is pressure treated and this ensures a long life span, it is sourced sustainably from managed forests. Supplied with a strong liner, you can add a pump, filter and fountain to increase interest and create a compelling water feature.

Intalog pool

Their multi-sided design also adds to the impact that a pool will have on your garden landscape, whether located on the patio or lawn. There is also the opportunity to sit on the wide top ledge and relax next to the soothing sight and sound of water.

Whether you prefer Intalogs or Blagdon, what's certain is that you can be sure of a top quality product that gives you all the enjoyment of a traditional pond but is far easier to construct.

If you prefer a liner, pre-formed or concrete pond, read our blog on 'How To Build A Pond'.