Wall Gardens & Cold Frames

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Ideal if you haven't a large amount of outside space, wall gardens, coldframes and mini greenhouses are easy to access and can be highly productive. They give you the opportunity to grow an impressive amount and variety of plants in an attractive structure and, with many useful features, they will become a thriving environment with superb results, especially if you have no garden or a small outside space

There is a choice between contemporary and traditional styles with sliding doors that add to the wall garden and mini-greenhouses' compact nature, together with accessories that include staging and seed trays. The aluminium frames are very durable and, without the threat of rust, will be virtually maintenance free. Dependent on the model, different types of glazing can be chosen and staging for pots and seed trays is included. Highly practical for a confined area and aimed at both keen gardeners and beginners, a wall garden or mini-greenhouse offers a deceptively large space in which to grow wonderful plants.

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