Wall Gardens & Cold Frames

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Ideal if you don’t have a large amount of space outside, wall gardens and cold frames are super compact to be able to fit into virtually any small garden and offers an easy access place grow a variety of your favourite plants and flowers.

Wall Gardens are the larger structures out of the two, and named as such as they’re designed to be placed up against a wall, where they will not be in the way and also benefit from heat absorbed by a brick wall, which will slowly disperse back out into the wall garden as the sun sets.

Cold Frames are even more compact, yet still offer the opportunity to grow a selection of flowers and also being practical for starting off seedlings at a much earlier time frame, as they’ll be more protected from colder weather and make the most of warmer weather by trapping in the heat.

Highly practical for a confined area and aimed at both keen gardeners and beginners, wall gardens and coldframes offer a deceptively large space in which to get growing in.

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