Halls Wall Gardens And Lean To Greenhouses

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A splendid collection of Halls wall gardens and lean to greenhouses. They all offer a surprising amount of growing space and are ideal if you have only a restricted area in which to garden. Silverline Lean To greenhouses are elegantly designed and there's lots to admire with long pane glazing and roof vents creating ideal growing conditions.

Equally as eye-catching are the Supreme Wall Gardens, large enough to grow a wide variety of plants but a compact size that can be easily managed and heated economically. Fit any of our wall gardens or lean to greenhouses against an external wall and you have an affordable, very practical space in which to thoroughly enjoy your gardening.

The elegant curves of Halls Silverline Lean To greenhouses will enhance any garden, although they are practical structures as well as good looking. Make the most of any limited space by fitting the Silverline greenhouse against an external wall, probably on a patio or back yard. Long pane single glazing has excellent light transmission and roof venting means that ideal growing conditions are created.