Elite Belmont Greenhouses

Elite Greenhouses LogoElite Belmont Greenhouses are pivotal in the Elite greenhouse range for a number of good reasons. At 8ft wide it has the size to accommodate double doors and all the other options that Elite offer in their range, but it is also compact enough to be a very popular choice where space and budget may be restricted. The traditional Belmont 8x10 greenhouse is probably the most popular size,  though. The low threshold Base option also works extremely well on the Belmont range if you choose double doors as there is plenty of access space for wheelbarrows and wheelchairs too.

As with all Elite greenhouses, the Belmont can be configured to suit your needs and we offer the Belmont for sale by starting with the basic unit and allowing you to decide, step by step, how simple, or how bespoke you want your greenhouse.

Or you can simply opt for a Belmont Package deal which takes out all the guesswork and allows you to buy all the essentials for your first greenhouse. Reviews of the Package deals always seem to be complimentary but the choice is yours.

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