Elite Dwarf Wall Greenhouses

Elite Greenhouses LogoDwarf wall greenhouses offer a more traditional look and feel when compared to full-length aluminium versions. Designed to be installed onto a short-height brick wall, the greenhouse benefits from not only the classical finish, but the dwarf wall can help plant growth and keep your saplings warmer for longer due to the bricks being able to absorb the sun's natural heat throughout the day, which then slowly disperses back out after dusk, offering an elongated supply of warmth.

Elite dwarf wall greenhouses are made to order to perfectly fit the height of your dwarf wall, and one of Elite's experts will contact you after ordering to collate your details so that your new greenhouse can be expertly made to the exact height requirements. Choose from either 6ft wide or 8ft wide models, each one being available in a mammoth choice of over 10 colour options, from classic white and green to vibrant navy and berry.

Order your Elite dwarf wall greenhouse today and get peace of mind with Elite's 10-year frame guarantee and inclusive delivery within the majority of the UK.

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