How Techmar Low Voltage Lighting Works

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Techmar Garden Lighting Low Voltage

Techmar Garden Lights is a simple “plug and play” low voltage lighting system that is easy for anyone to set up safely and get running.

You can have multiple lights of different styles and fittings in one system running off one power source or if you have a larger system you can add in extra power sources.

Choose Your Lights

Choose your lights from our product range, we have wall mounted, bollards, underwater or up lights and spot lights available and wide range of choice of different styles within each section.

Most lights come with their own bulb, but a select amount come without a light source and this is when you would choose your own. We also have optional upgrades that are listed on product pages, these can increase or lower your total wattage dependent on the light source you choose.

Pick Your Transformer

Once you have chosen your lights the next step is to add up the watts, the total will determine which transformer you will need. However, if you plan to extend the system in the future you may need a larger transformer.

Select Your Cables

If your system needs a 22 or 60 watt transformer, start with a main cable 10 metre SPT-1W with 4 connectors, a 6 metre SPT-1W extension cord or a cable divider. If your system will be using a 150 or 300 watt transformer we’d advise that you start with a SPT-3W main cable, a 10 metre SPT-3W extension or a cable divider.

The location of your lights will define how many extension cables and connectors you are going to need. As this is a safe, low voltage system, you can adapt it at any time.

Cables do not need to be buried, but it is advisable to do this as it will protect them from garden tools and animals. 

A sample Techmar Lighting system is shown below:

Techmar Sample Plan

Below we have a sample lighting plan which shows you the kind of lights that you can use and where you can use them in your garden and around the outside of your house. 

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