Alexander Rose St George Collection

Part of the core collection due to their best-selling designs, the Alexander Rose St George benches offer the best features that a good bench range should; traditional, classic designs. Chunky, thick timber frames - some of the thickest framing available on a bench within the whole Alexander Rose collection, and superb crafting and finish.

The curved slatted backs of each St George bench fit to the shape of your body in order to offer maximum comfort. You wouldn't think that a solid wooden bench without a cushion could be comfy, but the ergonomic design specialises in just that! The range comes in a variety of timber styles, of either Acacia, Mahogany or Roble, and with plenty of sizing options of 4ft length for two people, 5ft length for 3 people, and 6ft length for up to 4 people to be seated together.

As a premium Alexander Rose retailer, order your St. George benches online with GardenSite, or give our friendly team a call on 0121 355 7701 for phone orders, or for additional advice.