Caravan and Holiday Home Storage

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We supply a range of storage solutions for your Caravan or Holiday Home, ranging from small yet secure lockboxes, bike stores and propane/butane LPG gas storage units.

Our LPG stores are approved for use on holiday parks due to their compliance with the British Standards and/or LPG Association codes of practice, as well as being fire resistant. We recommend that you view our individual products page to learn more about its safety compliance and to ensure that it meets the needs of your gas storage requirements.

If you need extra space for storing bulky items or handy things that won't fit inside your caravan or home, then our general storage units are capable of ensuring that your belongings are kept under lock and key, while still being easily available for when they're needed. For added safeguarding, choose a store that can be secured to the floor and able to be locked with more than one padlock to increase its security.

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