BioHort StoreMax; WoodStock and Leisure Time Boxes

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Whatever you need to keep safe, secure and protected from the weather, BioHort StoreMax, WoodStock and Leisure Time Boxes will be the ideal solution. With galvanised metal used extensively, the storage facilities are very robust which belies their design which is both compact and elegant. Very versatile and suitable for all types of garden equipment, there are also specialist lockers and stores for bicycles as well as logs, heavy duty structures with many functional extras.

StoreMax products are designed for large items, particularly bicycles; Leisure Time Boxes cater for cushions and leisure items that would otherwise be left lying around and the WoodStock will keep logs dry and seasoned. The coated steel comes with various colour finishes, requires no painting and little maintenance as it's highly durable with a non-perforation guarantee. Lids can be gas assisted for easy opening while cylinder locks offer great security.