BioHort Stores

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Whether it's to store your bike, garden items, garage equipment, cushions or to use as a place to keep your logs dry over the Winter months, Biohort offers a range of storage units to suit your needs and outdoor space.

Within the BioHort Store range are three StoreMax bicycle units to offer a secure place to keep your bike at home, a variety of general purpose LeisureTime storage boxes and two differing sized metal log stores, dubbed as 'Woodstock', they're a modern take on traditional wooden log stores, offering an attractive yet practical store for your home.

To ensure stability, the majority of these stores can be bolted to a flat surface, which also inhibits unauthorised tampering. As they're made from hot-dipped galvanised steel panels, they're highly weather resistant, never need painting, offer a strong and rigid storage solution and come with a standard 20-year no rust manufacturer's guarantee!