RHS Gardening Predictions For 2020


Sustainability and a growing awareness of wildlife are two of the key gardening trends identified by the Royal Horticultural Society for 2020, with gardeners in a position where they can make a substantial impact regarding environmental issues.

Author: Martyn Loach

Written by Martyn Loach.
Published on Monday, 30th of December, 2019.

How To Attract Birds To Your Garden


Attracting birds into a garden can only be beneficial. Not only adding colour and vibrancy, they are fascinating to observe and will also act as natural predators, feeding on unwanted insects, grubs and other garden pests.

Author: David Hall

Written by David Hall.
Published on Thursday, 18th of September, 2014.

How to Interest Children in Gardening

Nesting Boxes

Certain challenges in life are easier to negotiate than others, Martyn Loach thinks that persuading children to become interested in gardening shouldn't be too difficult and can be very rewarding.

Author: Martyn Loach

Written by Martyn Loach.
Published on Friday, 8th of April, 2016.