Hampton Court Palace Flower Show


Dazzling with colourful interest in the sunshine, the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is a tremendously popular annual event as it caters for both keen gardeners and also families who want a terrific day out.

Author: Martyn Loach

Written by Martyn Loach.
Published on Friday, 24th of August, 2018.

Supplier Spotlight: Forest Garden at Hampton Court Flower Show

Flower Show

As a yearly visitor to the Hampton Court Flower Show, I always enjoy the event's inspiring floral displays, and this year I was also excited to see the fantastic gardening range provided by Forest Garden Products.

Author: Robert Hall

Written by Robert Hall.
Published on Friday, 23rd of June, 2017.

Time To Live Rose At The Chelsea Flower Show

Hampton Court

Since its launch, the 'Time To Live' rose has proved a great success raising funds for the Breast Cancer Now charity. Nathan James Dodd is now pleased to report that it featured in a prize winning garden at this year's Chelsea Flower Show.

Author: David Coton

Written by David Coton.
Published on Thursday, 19th of May, 2016.

Will You Be At The Chelsea Flower Show?

Flower Show

It's that time of the year again when keen gardeners, celebrities and the general public look forward to attending and being inspired by the fabulous displays at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Author: Robert Hall

Written by Robert Hall.
Published on Friday, 16th of May, 2014.