Charlie Dimmock

Gardening TV Programmes, What's On and When?


There's no doubt that television provides gardeners with inspiration, sound advice and good ideas, that's why we're all looking forward to new programmes and the return of old favourites during 2021 but during the current government restrictions don't be surprised to see repeats filling gaps in a depleted schedule and other programmes adopting a different format..

Author: Martyn Loach

Written by Martyn Loach.
Published on Tuesday, 13th of February, 2018.

Charlie Dimmock Returns With Garden Rescue


Charlie Dimmock returned to our screens last week with Garden Rescue and Nathan James Dodd has been catching up on what has been happening in this latest garden transformation programme.

Author: David Coton

Written by David Coton.
Published on Monday, 5th of September, 2016.