How To Attract Wildlife To Your Garden


In order to promote and enhance biodiversity and conservation of our wildlife, there's a selection of habitats and boxes you can purchase that are specifically designed to attract various small animals and insects to your garden. Here we look at some of the products available which also make unusual and very engaging gifts.

Author: Lauren Bilboe

Written by Lauren Bilboe.
Published on Monday, 23rd of April, 2018.

Populating Your Garden With Animal Ornaments And Statuary


Although we all like to encourage wildlife into the garden, creatures of a more inanimate nature can populate the landscape. Not all are native to the British Isles and David Coton describes how your outdoor space can become a haven for domestic, farmyard and wild animals.

Author: David Coton

Written by David Coton.
Published on Wednesday, 24th of June, 2015.