Aqua Creations Self Contained Water Features

One of the most well known suppliers when it comes to resin water features is Aqua Creations, they offer a large range of styles and sizes to suit all tastes.

Created by David Coton on Wednesday, 9th of July, 2014.
Updated on Tuesday, 20th of December, 2016.

Aqua Creations Granite 3 Bowl self contained water water.

Water features and fountains are an easy way to transform a garden, bringing the sight and tranquil sound of running water, something unmatched by other garden features.

Self Contained Fountains

Aqua Creations manufacture self contained water features, what this means is that the water contained in the feature will be recycled so there's no need to connect it to a mains water supply, this saves water and saves you money too.

When you buy an Aqua Creations water feature you are supplied with the feature itself which, depending on its size, will be delivered via a courier in a box or on a pallet if it's a larger fountain. You'll also get the pump and, if the feature has them, low voltage lights as well.

Everything to Set up Your Fountain

All you'll need to do is put it into place, plug it in and add water. Just switch it on and relax listening to the tranquil sound of moving water. It will instantly bring life into your garden and give you a feature piece at the same time.

As they're made from resin, ceramic or stainless steel these features will be light enough for you to move into your desired position and if you get bored you can always move it again.

When you add your water I always suggest to have the pump switched off, this prevents it burning out. Also if you top it up when it's on, much of the water will be in the pipe work, when you switch off the fountain the water will drop back into the reservoir and possibly flood over.

A Range of Fountain Styles

Aqua Creations offer a massive range of self contained fountains, from modern and contemporary to real rock and granite styles. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, all of which are designed for outdoor use.

It's nice to see such a wide array of styles available as it gives customers a big choice and also caters for differing tastes or someone looking for something just that bit different.

Modern Stone and Granite Water Features

The Modern Stone and Granite range of fountains look like real granite and stone which has been purposely crafted to create a water feature. They look real and some also come with glass balls that will spin around as the water passes underneath them, underneath there's a light that gives a magical effect.

Contemporary Fountains

Ideal for those who enjoy a very contemporary look and feel to their gardens. Bring a modern look into your garden with these features, they look like carved granite and selected models also feature glass or stainless steel on them too.

Pots and Wood Style Features

All of these fountains feature pots, troughs or have a wood effect to them. There are buckets, milk churns, terracotta style pots and many others which will pour into one another creating an awesome sound. Some fountains also feature imitation bricks, rocks or sandstone.

Natural Stone and Granite Fountains

The Natural Stone and Granite models look like natural water courses have carved their own way into the rocks to create a beautiful feature. Some models come with lights that will sit in the rock pools and illuminate your feature at night.

Classic Fountains

These water features have been designed with traditional looking fountains in mind that you'd see in certain cities around Europe. These fountains, made from resin will look like genuine cast stone features for a fraction of the price.

Water Features with Animals Self Contained Fountains

This is a quite obvious one, these features come in all sorts of styles but feature animals such as birds, farm animals and they even have a dolphin fountain too. Made from resin, they are light enough to move into place but heavy enough when full of water to stand strong.

Stainless Steel Fountains

As the name suggests, stainless steel fountains are made of this, they look very modern and will stand out with their shiny appearance. There are columns, spheres, towers and walls which all look great when the water is flowing smoothly down them. Selected features, such as many of the walls, come with lights which is great for evening viewing.

Ceramic Fountains

Some people don't want resin or stainless steel and this is where real ceramic fountains are ideal. They bring a Mediterranean look into your garden. They're finished very well, with tiered, sphere and column features available. These all come with a pump and selected models will have lights.

View the whole range of Aqua Creations fountains here.

Winter Fountain Care

During the winter all water features should be drained and then covered over, the cover offers protection against frost and also stops rainwater getting back into the feature.

The purpose of draining the fountain and preventing more water getting inside is because if this water freezes it will crack your fountain, rendering it unusable in the future unless extensive repairs are done.

If possible it's also a good idea to move the fountain into your garage or shed for even better protection, however a winter protection cover will really help.


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