Supporting Breakthrough Breast Cancer

We are pleased to announce that we have today received feedback from Julie Robinson the chair at Breakthrough Breast Cancer West Midlands Group who has highlighted that they have received our donation for 2012.

Created by Robert Hall on Monday, 18th of February, 2013.
Updated on Wednesday, 12th of October, 2016.

Breakthrough Breast Cancer Charity

A snippet from the letter is below:

“Thank you to everyone at Hall’s & GardenSite for donating another £346.75 to Breakthrough Breast Cancer and for your ongoing support of our charity. This, along with the £200.00 donated before Christmas plus £86.00 collected in December brings the total to £632.75 for 2012. Your generous donation will make a difference to the exciting advances being made at the Breakthrough Research Centre.”

The letter also mentions that recently Breakthrough has announced that scientists have developed a new and inexpensive test for patients with the most common form of breast cancer. This test can also predict how likely their disease is to return.

The test could be available to the NHS in the next two years, which is obviously good news for patients because it could help those at low risk of the disease returning having to go through unnecessary chemotheraphy, this would benefit 37,000 women each year.

50,000 women and 400 men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year so the more support that Breakthrough can get, the better. They have already helped to increase the survival rate.

Breakthrough Breast Cancer is a registered charity in England and Wales (No. 1062636) and Scotland (No. SCO39058).

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