Available in either black or white colours, the Life 15 stands at 407mm tall, is 290mm wide and 193.2mm from back to front. This size makes it ideal for your office desk or the kitchen worktop, not too big or out of place.

If you haven't guessed already, the aquarium holds 15 litres of water and can be set up as a coldwater or tropical freshwater tank, so you can put Goldfish, Neon Tetra or whatever your favourite fish is into this beautiful tank.

Lit by a standard LED light unit, as opposed to the Intelligent LED that comes with the larger Life tanks, helps to keep the price down. It is low voltage along with the air pump, and the accessories are all the same, including the service kit - so it's not confusing when you go to buy a replacement filter, air stone or anything else for the tank.

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